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Adria Matrix Axess

Confusion over recent years regarding VAT relief for motorhomes that have been adapted for use by disabled people has meant that some motorhome converters, manufacturers and dealers have been less eager to supply these vehicles. This in turn means that people with physical disabilities have found it difficult to find appropriate adapted motorhomes on the market.

The New Rules

HMRC has announced new rules regarding VAT relief on adapted motorhomes for disabled people. Previously, the regulations stated that adaptation had to be “substantial and permanent”, but it was unclear as to what exactly would qualify. The new rules, which have been welcomed by the NCC (National Caravan Council), make it clear that in order to be zero-rated for VAT, adaptation must be substantial and permanent and should be for a disabled person who uses a wheelchair. Lower-limb amputees and people who sometimes need a wheelchair due to degenerative conditions such as multiple sclerosis are also eligible.

This makes it much clearer that people who only occasionally use a wheelchair, such as in a shopping centre, do not qualify for VAT relief, and neither do users [...]

hobby motorhome

Viscount Motorhomes announced last month that they have added Hobby Motorhomes to their range of new motorhomes. Hobby attracted Viscount's interest because they have demonstrated their commitment to innovative technology and their passion for modern inventions and design. Hobby have been trading for 50 years and currently employ almost 1,000 people at their large production site in Germany.

Why Hobby Motorhomes Are So Popular

Hobby are renowned for the attention to detail that characterises their motorhomes, right from the overall design to the equipment installed and how the available space is used. The Optima De Luxe and the Siesta De Luxe ranges are classified as “full equipment” vans, so everything that you need is included in the standard package. This means that when you buy a model from one of these ranges, there will not be any hidden costs to contend with. Items such as sat-nav, airbags for driver and passenger, extra-wide habitation door, awning and pull-out gas bottle are all included. Also installed is Hobby’s CI-BUS on-board management system and TFT panel [...]

Motorhome and campervan owners throughout the UK are petitioning the government to allocate parking areas where they can safely stay overnight. The online petition asks the government to create allocated overnight parking areas for both motorhomes and camper vans across the UK. This would bring UK provision into line with what is available in many areas on the continent such as the Aires, where free overnight motorhome parking is available. Aires can be found in France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia and are said to attract tourism to areas that have no other tourist provision. The PetitionThe petition calls on the government to create allocated overnight parking for campervans and motorhomes in the UK. It states that, at present, people who stop in local council car parks overnight may be treated like criminals and can face a fine. The online petition that was created by Kevin Rose currently has over 8,000 signatures. When this figure reaches 10,000, the government will respond to it. If 100,000 signatures are achieved, it will be considered for a debate in Parliament. To add your name to the petition go to

If you are considering buying your first motorhome, or perhaps have just bought one, you may wish that you had more knowledge about motorhoming before driving your new vehicle away. Despite an excellent and in-depth handover from their motorhome dealer, an owner can often feel overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity of their new vehicle. With this in mind, a new motorhome training academy has been launched this year.

Outdoor Bits supply and fit accessories for motorhomes and caravans. They have been made aware of the lack of knowledge that many new owners have when they drive their new motorhomes away from the dealership. These can be valuable vehicles and are often larger than anything the owner has driven previously. Although motorhome dealers typically provide a comprehensive handover service, much of the information they provide can fail to “sink in” in the excitement of the moment.

Motorhome Training Workshops

Outdoor Bits have decided to run a series of one-day workshops at their premises in the south of Devon on various dates. These motorhome cour [...]

Buying your first motorhome can be quite daunting, and carrying out some research before deciding which model to buy is very important. Motorhomes can be expensive, but they do not have to be. You could pick up an older second-hand motorhome from around £5,000, but people have also been known to spend over £1 million for a new top-of-the-range model. Fortunately, a new guide from Motorhome Magazine can help you make your decision and highlight the important aspects to consider.

How the New Guide Can Help YouThere are so many things first time buyers need to consider when purchasing a motorhome. Firstly, you need to ensure that you are legally entitled to drive the model you choose. If you got your driving licence before January 1st 1997, you will be able to drive a vehicle weighing up to 7.5 tonnes. However, drivers who passed their test after this date will need to take a further test to add category C1 to their licence in order to drive a motorhome with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3.5 tonnes. Many new motorhomes come into this category, but it is something you need to be aware of. The guide can help you by outlining the different types of [...]
The Caravan Club has been synonymous with enjoying the outdoors for one hundred and ten years and now has more than a million members. Motorhome owners have been welcome in the club for the last fifty years and account for as many as 40 per cent of its new members, and now the club has decided to change its name to reflect this. Why the Change of Name? In changing its name from The Caravan Club to The Caravan and Motorhome Club, the club aims to encourage even more people to get outdoors and to reflect how its membership has evolved over the years. Welcoming a more diverse membership is only part of the change the club has made this year. In addition to caravanners and motorhome owners, trailer tent owners are also welcome as part of the club. As well as the change of name, there has been a change to a new logo which represents the established values of the club and the ongoing journey it faces over coming years. New members are expected to enjoy the freedom of engaging in their hobbies and exploring in the great outdoors.Changes to the Club Itself At present, nearly ninety per cent of the club’s sites have facilities for motorhomes. These include waste disposal [...]
motorhome destinations
As the holiday season grows nearer, many people are beginning to think about getting away for a while, possibly for a short break or for a longer holiday. In recent years staycations have become increasingly popular in the UK, mainly due to financial considerations and the complications associated with travelling abroad. One of the best ways to explore all that this country has to offer is to choose motorhoming. Both couples and families will appreciate the freedom and flexibility offered by motorhoming holidays in the UK. Motorhoming Holidays If you want to explore the UK, a motorhome will allow you to visit both the tourist hotspots and some out-of-the-way places you would not normally find in the brochures. For families with children particularly, motorhoming allows you to move from place to place as you wish. You can head for family-friendly attractions, places of historical interest or lovely beaches depending on the weather and how you feel on the day. You will find that wherever you travel in the country you are never too far from a site to spend a night or two in. With motorhoming, you also have fewer restrictions and can please yourselves about what time to have your meals, settle down for the night or get up in the m
More and more people are appreciating the benefits of owning their own motorhome these days, and having the freedom of travelling around the country and stopping where you like can mean that an increasing number of motorhomers are searching for suitable places to stay overnight. Since motorhomes typically have all the facilities you need on board, you do not always have to find an official site. Motorhome stopovers can include pubs, car parks and roadside lay-bys, so depending on what you are looking for, there is plenty of choice of places to park up for the night. Pubs Many pubs are happy for motorhomes to stay in their car parks overnight in exchange for having drinks and a meal in the pub in the evening, whilst others levy a small charge. If you would like to research possible stopovers attached to pubs, there are various internet sites that list known motorhome stopovers. Take a look at this map showing pubs where you can stay overnight in your motorhome. These pubs offer various different facilities, from a simple parking place to a site with electricity and toilets ava [...]
swift group
As the largest manufacturer of motorhomes, touring caravans and holiday homes in the UK, the Swift Group is a well-respected and easily recognised company. The group celebrated its 50th anniversary recently, and sales have soared, doubling on the first day of the UK’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show. Sales at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome ShowIn addition to doubling their sales on the first day of the show, Swift continued to demonstrate considerable success throughout the show. Sales of new motorhomes, in particular, surged by 34 per cent compared to the figures for 2016. This represents the company’s best performance in ten years.

Swift’s Sprite caravans and the new Basecamp, a crossover camping vehicle, proved very popular, and the Escape motorhome range also did exceptionally well. The Escape range is often recommended as a starting point for people searching for their first motorhome. In addition to being affordable, the Escape has been completely redesigned in 2017, providing an increased choice of layouts and even more great features.

The increase in sales may have been due in part to Swift’s announcement earlier in the year that they [...]
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