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Tips For Cleaning Your Motorhome

Motorhome cleaning is one of those jobs you know you should do on a regular basis that is all too easy to put off. However, it’s an essential job that will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and will help to catch any motorhome maintenance problems before they become a real issue.

Be Prepared

Before you start to get your motorhome preparation under way for the new season, you’ll need to get your cleaning materials together. It’s not recommended to use your pressure washer for this task because you can cause damage to window rubbers and seals, so you’ll need a hosepipe, a cleaning brush that can reach the roof, a cleaning mitt, specialised cleaning products for the exterior and interior, dusters, a chamois, a toothbrush and finally plenty of elbow grease!

You can use your pressure washer to give the bodywork a quick sluice all over and loosen the worst of the dirt, but only if you’re extremely careful. It’s better to use a hosepipe and a suitable product for your motorhome cleaning.

Wait for a Cloudy Day

Though you might assume that this is a job for a sunny day, if you want a streak-free finish you’ll opt for overcast weather. Sun and wind can dry your motorhome before you have the chance to do a complete job.

How to Clean Your Motorhome

There are five steps in the motorhome cleaning process: wash, clean, polish, protect and motorhome maintenance.

After you run a hose pipe over your vehicle, address any specific stains with a dedicated cleaner to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime and those pesky dead flies. Next, use a polish to make your motorhome really sparkle, and protect the finish with a final coat of wax to keep your handiwork looking good all year round. As you’re cleaning, take the time to make a note of any maintenance issues you need to attend to and book your motorhome in for a service.

Stages of the Process

Roof: You’ll need a ladder and an adjustable brush to tackle the roof, which you should always do first before working your way down to the bottom of your motorhome. Wrapping pipe lagging around your ladder helps to prevent it from marking your motorhome. Now apply cleaner in horizontal strokes to get rid of any bird mess and stubborn stains. Finally rinse with hot water.

Roof lights: You may be wondering why you need a toothbrush. It’s for cleaning the nooks and crannies around your roof lights. A compressed air cleaner is useful for smaller vents.

Solar panels: Use plenty of water to shift any debris and staining under the solar panels. Then use an emulsion pad to clean under the panels.

Side panels: Use a similar technique to the roof, making sure you get rid of any stubborn stains. Use a noodle mitt rather than a sponge, which can hold particles of grit.

Windows: Gently hose down the windows, or use a specialist automotive glass cleaner for best results.

Wheels: A dedicated tyre and wheel cleaner is essential if you want your vehicle to look like all the new motorhomes out there! Apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions for best results and your motorhome cleaning is complete.

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