Swift Command is a new control system with an intelligent power supply unit and LCD control panel. There is also an app which can be downloaded and connected via bluetooth. Allowing you to use your smartphone to control certain functions within the system.

Functions include controlling the power supply unit to track your energy use and manage your batteries, for efficient use of your all important power services. Lighting systems, where you can turn on and off the various lights located around the motorhome, as well as being able to dim or brighten them to suit conditions. Water levels can also be viewed using the app allowing you to see how much fresh water you have, giving you plenty of time to plan when to fill up. As well as being able to turn the water pump on and off remotely. The heating and hot water can be controlled via the app allowing you to select the source you want to use, whether that be gas or electric, set the temperature you require as well as set up timers for when the system will be on and off.

The system also comes with a Thatcham Category 6 approved pro-active tracker built in (subject to annual subscription). Where if you use the app you can see where your vehicle is located at anytime from anywhere. You can also see the battery condition, allowing you to keep an eye on the condition of the batteries when storing for longer periods of time. As well as being able to view water levels when out and about.

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