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Swift Command for Smart Motorhoming

In conjunction with one of its key suppliers, Sargent Electrical, the Swift Group has developed an exciting new control system known as Swift Command. This innovative system will enable owners of certain ranges of caravans and motorhomes to control and monitor some of the features of their vehicles using a smartphone or tablet.

The Swift Command was launched across Swift Group’s premium ranges of caravans and motorhomes last year and will now be incorporated as standard on all the Swift ranges, including the Escape, Rio and Autocruise motorhomes. If you are looking for new motorhomes for sale, then bear in mind what this system can offer.


The Swift Command control allows the caravan or motorhome owner to remotely control the power system, lighting system and heating system. The power supply unit is able to communicate intelligently with all the facilities in the van so they can be monitored and controlled. The vehicle’s location is also monitored, there is a direct connection to the Swift website and technical handbooks for the vehicle can be accessed.

The Command app can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone so that the control system can be accessed wherever you are.

swift command

Practical Applications

Escape, Rio and Autocruise Swift motorhomes for sale will have the new control system as standard, so if, for example, you are out in the evening, you will be able to turn on the lights and heating before returning to the motorhome. In addition to turning lights on and off, the system allows for them to be dimmed and for different zones to be controlled separately. Timers can also be set for convenience.

The water system can be monitored so that you know how full the tanks are, and the pump can be turned on or off remotely. You can also set an alarm to warn when the tank needs emptying. Swift Command for motorhomes includes Vehicle Location. Using GPS, this can be useful if you are away from the site and want to know how long it will take you to get back to your van.

Another clever feature is the AC limiter, which is useful sometimes on caravan sites where you might inadvertently trip the electric hook-up system. You can set the limiter to the site’s limit through the control panel, and then if you exceed the limit by, for example, boiling a kettle, the system will manage and control the peak usage by turning a background appliance such as a fridge off momentarily.

The heating system includes a display of inside and outside temperatures, the humidity can be monitored and the clock allows you to set the heating to turn on and off at predetermined times. Other features include a blown-fuse indicator and an automatic fresh-water fill system that prevents the tank from being overfilled.

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of the system is the ability to operate it remotely through an app. All you need is a Bluetooth connection and telephone signal to be able to access the control system from any location.

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