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New Motorhome Training Academy

If you are considering buying your first motorhome, or perhaps have just bought one, you may wish that you had more knowledge about motorhoming before driving your new vehicle away. Despite an excellent and in-depth handover from their motorhome dealer, an owner can often feel overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity of their new vehicle. With this in mind, a new motorhome training academy has been launched this year.

Outdoor Bits supply and fit accessories for motorhomes and caravans. They have been made aware of the lack of knowledge that many new owners have when they drive their new motorhomes away from the dealership. These can be valuable vehicles and are often larger than anything the owner has driven previously. Although motorhome dealers typically provide a comprehensive handover service, much of the information they provide can fail to “sink in” in the excitement of the moment.

Motorhome Training Workshops

Outdoor Bits have decided to run a series of one-day workshops at their premises in the south of Devon on various dates. These motorhome courses have been arranged in response to the questions frequently asked by the company’s customers about new motorhomes they have purchased or are considering purchasing. The cost for the day’s course is £125 for an individual, but if a couple would both like to attend there is a 50% discount for a spouse. There will be a limit of ten attendees on each course so that participants can gain the maximum benefit from the course contents. Every participant will also take an in-depth book covering the course contents away with them.

Course Contents

The course will cover the different types of motorhome available and the pros and cons of different types. The different systems will be covered, with explanations of how 230-volt electrics work, problems and workarounds as well as information about 12-volt systems and how they operate. It also covers battery charging and gives useful hints and tips.

The use of gas in the motorhome is covered with information about safety, refillable cylinders and how the gas system is used.

The water system is also discussed, and course participants are introduced to typical motorhome configurations and given tips on emptying and refilling the system. Different types of toilet and how they operate are also covered.

The security of the motorhome, locks and alarms are also discussed, as are extras such as solar panels, reversing cameras, TV and satellite systems and air conditioning. Owners are given simple tips on staying safe whilst living in their motorhomes.

This course can give new motorhome owners the confidence they need to operate all the systems in their motorhomes effectively and to stay safe when taking them on holiday. The workshop could even be incorporated as part of a longer trip to the South West, because parking for motorhomes at the venue can be booked, and there are plenty of camping sites in the locality where you could stay overnight. There is also a wide variety of hotels, guest houses and B&Bs where course participants could stay.

The course hours are from 9am to 5pm, with coffee, tea and a buffet lunch being included in the cost.

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