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Motorhoming History

Motorhoming is a popular and exciting hobby which has been around for many years. More and more people are remembering just how fun and liberating it is to have your holiday accommodation move around with you as you explore all your favourite destinations. The history of motorhoming is rich, and its popularity is growing year on year, which is why there are currently many motorhomes for sale in the UK. Recently, an 80-year-old motorhome came to auction, showing just how elegant and unique the motorhoming experience has always been, even in the 1930s.

80-Year-Old Motorhome in Perfect Condition

Built in 1936 and based on a chassis from the United States, the 80-year-old vehicle is thought to have been Britain’s first camper van. Created by Captain Dunn, who was from Bexhill-on-Sea, the vehicle has been untouched since he died in the 1940s. This stunning motorhome features a fitted kitchen, mahogany wood interior and pull-out double bed. The four-litre engine, which has a top speed of 50mph, has under 10,000 miles on the clock. It is valued at £40,000.

This motorhome is wonderfully preserved and features all the same amenities as modern campervans, which is quite a feat considering its age. There is a small kitchen where food and drink can be prepared using the stove, gas oven and water filter. There is also a pullout double bed at the back of the motorhome, which can be packed away to reveal a comfy sofa for use during the day. Although there is a working toilet in the motorhome, there is no plumbing installed, so any waste matter drops through the bottom of the van on to the ground beneath.

Captain Dunn’s Travels with His Motorhome

Experts believe this stunning motorhome is the first ever of its type in the UK, and there will not be any other motorhomes for sale that can match it in terms of its rich history and elegance. Throughout its lifetime, this motorhome was used extensively by Captain Dunn. He went on many trips through the south of England in the late 1930s. His adventures are well documented in four photo albums which have been sold with the motorhome – these give a fascinating insight into the life and times of the Captain and his vehicle.

Captain Dunn's Motorhome

After Dunn’s death, his widow looked after the motorhome until her own death in 1991, starting the engine regularly. Afterwards, caravan dealership owner Ron Saunders bought it to keep at his dealership in Poole, Devon. The vehicle has now been restored by Captain Dunn’s son, Andy, so that it no longer looks like one of the used motorhomes we can find in second-hand dealerships and more like a brand new retro-style campervan. In fact, the design and features present in this 80-year-old vehicle are in their essence the same features that we can find in today’s modern campervans, showing just how ahead of its time this motorhome was in the 1930s when Captain Dunn used it to travel around southern England.

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