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Motorhome Holidays Increase in Popularity

Holidays in the UK have dramatically increased in popularity, as have motoring holidays, and many people are choosing to combine the two in motorhome holidays. Many new and second hand motorhomes are available in our showroom, and they are not just for summer holiday staycations. All kinds of breaks are possible if you decide to buy a motorhome.

Family Holidays

Holidays to the beach or the countryside are easy and affordable in a motorhome. There are many sites in beautiful places around the UK where you can pitch your motorhome, and many people prefer to stay in two or three different locations during the course of their holiday. This provides variety and can be ideal if different family members have different interests and would like to visit various places.

City Breaks

There are many camping and caravanning sites situated close to the UK’s major cities, including the capital. If you would enjoy sightseeing or Christmas shopping in London, there are locations to stay with your motorhome, and it is much more affordable than a stay in a hotel. The Caravan Club has sites at Crystal Palace and Abbey Wood, both just a short distance from central London, so you can stay for a few days and get into London easily on the tube for shopping, visiting exhibitions and events or going to a show. There are also Caravan Club sites close to many major cities, including Chester, Durham, York, Brighton and Plymouth.

Some of the most popular places for stopping off on your journey in the UK include Portishead Lido in Somerset, just 10 minutes off the M5, the Gloucester Waterways Museum, also close to the M5, and Tebay Services on the M6 in Cumbria. However, wherever you are travelling in the UK, you can find great places to spend a few hours or a night or two. This is really what makes motorhome breaks so attractive to people today.

Why Staycations Have Become so Popular

Recent research has discovered that the British countryside and coastline attract many visitors because of their beauty and that the affordability of holidaying in the UK is another important factor in the increased popularity of staycations. The convenience of reaching your holiday destination quickly has also been cited as a reason for staying in the UK for holidays, and of course fitting in with school holidays is much easier if you do not have to plan flights or ferry crossings for peak times.

Buying a Motorhome

There are motorhomes suitable for everyone, from compact two-person models to large vehicles that can accommodate the whole family comfortably. If you do decide to buy a motorhome, you will find a wide range of motorhomes for sale in Southampton and other areas. Your dealer will be able to advise on the suitability of different models and explain the pros and cons of buying new or used motorhomes. What you decide to buy can depend on various factors, such as how you intend to use it – for example, just a few weekends each year or long and extended tours. Why not have a look at the motorhomes for sale near you?

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