Planning a motorhome holiday
These days there are apps for almost everything, and motorhome apps are no exception. A recent poll revealed the favourite apps used by motorhome enthusiasts and caravanners to make trips away easier. The best apps according to the voters included Campsites and Caravan Parks, Tom Tom Western Europe, Tom Tom UK & Ireland, Skype and Park4Night. Other popular apps included National Trust, AA Caravan and Camping Guide, Find My Car and AA Route Planner. The Antenna Aligner app was also suggested in the “other” category by some voters.Campsites and Caravan Parks In first place was this app polling 14% of the votes. With more than 6,700 sites included, it is useful for easily locating campsites and caravan parks both in the UK and across Europe. You can search for suitable sites either by using the GPS-enabled map or going to the A to Z list and filtering by different categories. This is useful even when there is no internet connection because the site names, postcodes, phone numbers and website addresses are all stored in the app. Other useful features include reviews, star ratings and the fact that you can launch G [...]
Choosing which new or pre-owned motorhome to buy is an important decision, and one that you should research carefully before committing yourself. Whether you are looking for motorhomes in Hampshire or other parts of southern England, it is a good idea to visit a well-established dealer to get an idea of what is available. Advice is also available through online forums, and you may like to obtain a motorhomes buyers guide that will help you complete the process of buying a motorhome.Questions to Ask YourselfThe first question to ask is why you want a motorhome. You may have a clear idea of what you want to use it for, or you may just think it would give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Some people have very specific plans such as travelling around the UK for weeks at a time or just using their motorhome for weekends at festivals. This obviously has an impact on the facilities you need and the size of motorhome you would choose. If you already have a motorhome, you may want to upgrade in some way, perhaps to a newer model or to accommodate the needs of a growing family. The number of beds and the layout are very important, so think about these before reaching your final decision. Some motorhome owners have spe
motorhome layouts
Deciding on the layout that will suit you best is one of the first things to do when you are choosing a new motorhome. There are many different types of motorhome layouts, and the one you choose will depend on your individual circumstances. Bunk Bed Layouts These are always popular with children and allow them to go to bed in the rear of the van whilst you relax.Drop-Down Bed Layouts Some motorhome layouts have a drop-down double bed situated over the cab. These are convenient because they do not need to be made up at night, but they do have some drawbacks and headroom can be limited.End Kitchen Layouts End kitchen layouts are ideal for people who like a separate dedicated cooking area.End Washroom Layouts Although this layout may seem like a waste of space to some people, the luxury afforded by a lovely washroom with separate shower can persuade some owners to choose a model with an end washroom.Fixed Double Bed Layouts Having a fixed double bed is very convenient because it means there is no need to assemble the bed each night.Fixed Single Bed Layouts This layout also has the advantage of ready made-up beds, but in this case singles instead of a double.French Bed Layouts A French bed layout saves space because a corner o
There are many different types of motorhome available, and the one you choose will depend on your own individual requirements for number of berths, space and facilities as well as your budget. Some models are quite expensive, but if you are prepared to consider used motorhomes, there are many more affordable options.

A-class motorhomes are possibly the most sought after, with many at the luxury end of the market, and there are also larger American-style RV motorhomes on the market. Although these appear even more luxurious than A-class motorhomes, there are drawbacks with these massive vehicles because they are unsuitable for travelling on some of the smaller UK roads.

Fixed roof camper vans are often just converted vans with very little external modification and basic on-board facilities. They are often competitively priced and ideal for people looking for small used motorhomes.High top campervan conversions are more convenient but can still be quite compact and simple to drive. Another alternative is a campervan with a rising roof for increased vertical space.Low-profile coach-built motorhomes are now more frequently available with drop-down beds a [...]
top storage tips
One of the main attractions with motorhomes is their unique and often quirky storage solutions. Packing up your home and transporting the essentials and home comforts around on wheels is all part of the fun. Make the most of the nooks and crannies, internal cupboards, external compartments, doors, hooks and even use the shower to hang your clothes whilst driving. Safety considerations are also important. Naturally when you’re on the road, things move around. Now you have the task of finding ways of keeping your belongings shut tightly behind cupboard doors, stopping draws from flying open or items falling off shelves. Many choose to unpack once they have arrived at their destination and set up camp. Some use clever ties, clips and even velcro to keep kitchen utensils, bedding and other essential items in place whilst driving. Decorating your motorhome can provide much entertainment, and gives you the opportunity to put your own stamp on it. Used motorhomes are often perfect investments because they allow you to put your DIY skills to good use and decorate to your personal taste. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make the most of your motorhome, here are a few space-saving hacks and innovative storage soluti

Ensure that water tanks & boilers are empty and that drains are left open (fresh water, waste water, boiler and toilet tank if applicable). Also, leave all taps and showers in the open position.

Often yes, but as all motorhomes vary, contact us for specific advice.

check that the gas is available and that the flue cover (if applicable) has been removed. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact us or your local dealer.

Check that your gas bottle is not empty and that your gas isolating valves are open, then suspect a defective gas regulator.

Check that the boiler drain valve and the fresh water tank drain valve are both closed.

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