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Motorhome Buyer’s Guide

Choosing which new or pre-owned motorhome to buy is an important decision, and one that you should research carefully before committing yourself. Whether you are looking for motorhomes in Hampshire or other parts of southern England, it is a good idea to visit a well-established dealer to get an idea of what is available. Advice is also available through online forums, and you may like to obtain a motorhomes buyers guide that will help you complete the process of buying a motorhome.

Questions to Ask Yourself

The first question to ask is why you want a motorhome. You may have a clear idea of what you want to use it for, or you may just think it would give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Some people have very specific plans such as travelling around the UK for weeks at a time or just using their motorhome for weekends at festivals. This obviously has an impact on the facilities you need and the size of motorhome you would choose.

If you already have a motorhome, you may want to upgrade in some way, perhaps to a newer model or to accommodate the needs of a growing family. The number of beds and the layout are very important, so think about these before reaching your final decision. Some motorhome owners have specific opinions regarding the manufacturer of their vehicle, so if you know you definitely prefer Adria motorhomes or Sunlight motorhomes, you may need to research suppliers in your local area. Viscount supplies a large range of new and pre-owned motorhomes in Hampshire.

How many people will be sleeping in the motorhome? Do you need fixed beds or are you happy with making them up at night? How important is comfort? Once you have planned the bed situation, you can think about other factors such as the number of travel seats you will need. This will impact on the choice of lounge area that will be practical for you.

The size and layout of the kitchen and washroom will depend on how long you plan to be away for and how much cooking you want to do. If you plan to stay on established sites, you may not need a shower on board.

Choosing the Right Motorhome for You

A wish list will help you to focus on what you would like and what you really need in your motorhome. Essentials will include the accommodation included and the size of motorhome that is right for you. Extras that you would like could include things such as an awning or reversing camera.

Decide whether you want to go for a new motorhome or a pre-owned model. Naturally, new motorhomes will depreciate more quickly, but you have the advantage of warranties from the manufacturer. It is important to try out the vehicle’s facilities before you buy it, and a test drive is essential.

Buying locally is usually best so that servicing can also be carried out locally. If you are based in the south of the UK, for example, check out suppliers of motorhomes in Hampshire for convenience.

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