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Money Saving Tips for Motorhome Touring

There’s nothing quite like loading up your motorhome with all your creature comforts and hitting the open road for a brand new adventure. The freedom and flexibility offered by a motorhome holiday is unrivalled by any other mode of travelling, and it can be a great way to explore places off the beaten track and spend time in stunning natural surroundings without sacrificing comfort. While holidaying by motorhome is a great budget option, the costs can add up, especially if you’re away for an extended period. Here are some tips to help you save money on motorhome trips and avoid going over budget while you travel.

Plan Where You’ll Eat

This is one of the most important motorhome money saving tips. While it can be fun to eat in a new restaurant every meal of your trip, it can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re travelling with the whole family. Plan to have a few meals out, then decide to cook up something simple in your motorhome or on a barbecue on other days. Plan to eat in on days you spend in particularly scenic locations – alongside a lake or at the beach, for example. If you plan a few simple menu items and buy in ingredients ahead of time, you’ll be much more likely to want to stay in and cook. If you don’t travel with a portable barbecue, buy a couple of disposable ones to use on days when the weather is fine. These are very cheap and effective. Alternatively, try to stop at sites that have brick-built barbecues for communal use.

Save on Fuel Costs

Another of our motorhome holiday money saving tips involves petrol or diesel. The cost of fuel does vary considerably from country to country, and even between different regions of the UK. When you’re filling up the tank, paying over the odds for fuel can really eat into your holiday budget and increase your motorhome travelling costs. One of our top motorhome money saving tips is to do some research and identify the cheapest places to fuel up to avoid getting caught out. If you’re travelling overseas, check the cost of fuel in different countries and fill up before you cross the border if it’s cheaper in the country you’re in.

Take Out Adequate Insurance

This is one of the simplest motorhome money saving tips. It’s so easy to forget about insurance, but it’s essential when you go on any trip in your motorhome, whether you’re travelling overseas or not. What would happen if you find yourself the victim of vehicle theft or a break-in and you were not only left unable to continue your holiday but found yourself stranded? The costs you rack up in the event of an emergency will be far more than the minimal cost of taking out adequate insurance in the first place, so don’t try to scrimp on this essential.

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