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Increase In Allocated Overnight Parking Areas

Motorhome and campervan owners throughout the UK are petitioning the government to allocate parking areas where they can safely stay overnight. The online petition asks the government to create allocated overnight parking areas for both motorhomes and camper vans across the UK. This would bring UK provision into line with what is available in many areas on the continent such as the Aires, where free overnight motorhome parking is available. Aires can be found in France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia and are said to attract tourism to areas that have no other tourist provision.

The Petition

The petition calls on the government to create allocated overnight parking for campervans and motorhomes in the UK. It states that, at present, people who stop in local council car parks overnight may be treated like criminals and can face a fine.

The online petition that was created by Kevin Rose currently has over 8,000 signatures. When this figure reaches 10,000, the government will respond to it. If 100,000 signatures are achieved, it will be considered for a debate in Parliament. To add your name to the petition go to

Advantages of Using an Allocated Parking Area

Allocated overnight parking areas can provide convenient and safe places to stop overnight in a motorhome. At present there are some areas where overnight parking is allowed, and you can find lists of these on various websites. Some pubs are happy for motorhomers to stay overnight in their car parks if they have a drink or a meal in the pub. Owners of pre-owned motorhomes and those with brand new vehicles will appreciate the increased security afforded by staying in an allocated area overnight. There is often reasonable lighting, and sometimes facilities such as fresh water and toilets are available.

Wild Camping

Finding a suitable area to park up and stay overnight in can be quite difficult, particularly in popular areas such as the south of England. Motorhomes in Hampshire, for example, may find that although there does not seem to be any legislation that actually prevents parking on the roadside, there are limited places that could be suitable. Particularly with larger motorhomes in Hampshire you face the risk of being moved on if you are thought to be causing an obstruction.

If you decide to stop in an area that you do not know, make sure you are able to move off quickly if necessary. If you are parking in a lay-by or by the side of the road, you should not drink alcohol because you could be moved on at any time.

If you decide to park on private land, you should ask the landowner’s permission and ensure that you do not leave any sign that you have been there. It is best to stay for a maximum of one night in any unauthorised parking place, and if you arrive late and leave early, you are less likely to be disturbed.

Aires on the continent are often equipped with drinking-water services, grey-waste disposal points and toilet disposal facilities. If the UK government could be persuaded to allocate parking places with these facilities, it would be a great advantage to motorhome owners throughout the country.

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