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Getting Prepared For The Holidays

With the advent of warmer weather and the holiday season approaching, it is important to make sure your motorhome is in tip-top condition before you head off on your first trip of the year. As with any vehicle, you will need to ensure the motorhome is roadworthy, but you also need to check the other things such as gas and water systems that you rely on for your motorhoming holidays.

Planning a motorhome holiday

Important Checks for Roadworthiness

Ensure that all the road lights are in good working order and that the batteries are keeping their charge efficiently. The fluid levels should all be checked and topped up if necessary. The oil obviously needs to be checked regularly, but you should also check the coolant, the power steering fluid and brake fluid. Make sure your washers are full and working properly – there is nothing worse than trying to see where you are going when your windscreen is covered with dirt and dead insects.

Carefully examine the tyres to ensure they are in good condition with no cracks in the side walls, have sufficient tread and are inflated to the correct pressure. It is always a good idea to move your motorhome regularly throughout the year, even if you don’t use it in winter so that it is not resting on the same part of the tyres all the time.

Other Preparations

Washing your motorhome is a good idea at the start of the season. Some people like to use a pressure washer for this, but others think this can cause too many problems. If you do decide to use a pressure washer, ensure that you use a wide spray to avoid damaging paintwork, and be very careful around sensitive areas such as windows, doors and vents. With your motorhome clean you can inspect the bodywork carefully. If there are any problems with seals or joints, it is worth getting professional advice before trying to carry out repairs yourself.

The water system needs thorough cleaning, and the method for doing this varies between different motorhomes. Adria motorhomes will have a different set-up from Swift models, for example. The system can be descaled and sterilized using a product such as Aquastar, although you could use a solution of white wine vinegar topped up with clean water. When the tank is full, you can drive around to mix the solution and run the water pump until there is a steady flow from all the taps. The water heater can then be run for around ten minutes, left for two hours and then run again for ten minutes. After this, it can be left to stand for twenty-four hours before being flushed through with plenty of fresh water to ensure that the system is clean throughout.

Check all the gas appliances next. If the hob burners need cleaning, this should only be done gently with a damp cloth. Some cleaners can block the jets, and too much water can cause them to corrode so that they burn less efficiently and might cause carbon monoxide to be produced. It is also important to check that your carbon monoxide detector is working. Gas bottles should be turned off when not in use.

If you do not have time to carry out all the safety checks yourself, it is possible for companies such as Viscount Motorhomes to carry out annual habitation inspections on motorhomes in Southampton. Whether you decide to do it yourself or get a professional service, it is important that any safety concerns are addressed before you set off on your motorhoming holidays, because you could find that something goes wrong when you are miles away from a town.

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