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Finding Motorhome Stopovers in the UK

motorhome stopovers

More and more people are appreciating the benefits of owning their own motorhome these days, and having the freedom of travelling around the country and stopping where you like can mean that an increasing number of motorhomers are searching for suitable places to stay overnight.

Since motorhomes typically have all the facilities you need on board, you do not always have to find an official site. Motorhome stopovers can include pubs, car parks and roadside lay-bys, so depending on what you are looking for, there is plenty of choice of places to park up for the night.


Many pubs are happy for motorhomes to stay in their car parks overnight in exchange for having drinks and a meal in the pub in the evening, whilst others levy a small charge. If you would like to research possible stopovers attached to pubs, there are various internet sites that list known motorhome stopovers. Take a look at this map showing pubs where you can stay overnight in your motorhome.

These pubs offer various different facilities, from a simple parking place to a site with electricity and toilets available. It is definitely worth checking out what is on offer before deciding where to stay for the night, but you could also call into any pub that you think might be a suitable stopover and ask for permission to stay.

Other Motorhome Stopovers

The internet is invaluable for finding places to stay with your motorhome. There are various sites where you can research suitable places to stop. In addition to pubs, there are many other locations where motorhomes are welcome to stay. These include certain public car parks, sports clubs and some private car parks. In some of these places you need to book beforehand, so it is a good idea to contact them. Some of these venues have facilities such as toilets available, and you may also be able to top up with fresh water if you need to.

Roadside spots in some areas are also great places to spend a night in your motorhome. Some lay-bys are separated from the main road and therefore much quieter than those close to the carriageway. Always check for signs before parking up for the night, and do not stay anywhere that prohibits overnight camping. If you do, you are quite likely to be woken up and moved on in the middle of the night, which is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

If you are considering buying your first motorhome, why not visit your motorhome dealer to find out about the range of pre-owned motorhomes available? If you are looking for motorhomes in Southampton, Viscount Motorhomes has both new and pre-owned motorhomes and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you decide to buy a pre-owned motorhome from a reputable dealer like this, it should have a twelve-month warranty and the company will ensure that you are given a full and thorough demonstration of the vehicle before taking it away.

With all the possibilities for staying anywhere in the UK with your motorhome, you will really appreciate the freedom of the open road.

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