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Essential Packing for your Swift Motorhome Adventures

Are you planning to take a motorhome trip with your loved ones but are unsure about exactly what you need to take with you? Are you confused about which items are absolutely essential, which are nice to have but not strictly necessary, and which are simply luxurious items you probably won’t even use? While modern motorhomes, such as Swift motorhomes, are far more comfortable and better equipped than their predecessors, this article aims to highlight what you should pack for your motorhome holiday to ensure you don’t get caught short while on your trip.

Essential Servicing Items

These are the bits of kit that you really should have in your motorhome at all times when it’s out on the road. While modern motorhomes such as the Swift Autocruise are designed to be accessible and easy to drive, you should never assume you’ll be able to pick up vital supplies easily when you’re travelling. If you plan to stop off in a particularly remote area, the nearest shops might be ten miles away, and having to make unscheduled detours or stop-offs can really eat into your precious holiday time. At a minimum, you should always pack any power cables you are likely to need, a heater if you’re travelling in cooler weather, water carriers and a suitable hose pipe.

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Auto Tools You Should Always Carry

You should take the following: a suitable tool kit, fully equipped with all the essentials you’ll need for basic motorhome maintenance; a spare tire; a tow rope; engine oil suitable for your motorhome

These are the basics you should always carry in your motorhome, but make sure any pieces of kit are in good working order before you set off on a long journey.

Navigation Aids You Should Take

These include a sat nav and a road atlas. Also take more detailed map, such as an Ordnance Survey map, if you plan to do any walking. The level of detail in these maps will prove extremely helpful when planning your route, especially in an area you haven’t visited before. A guidebook might be useful, particularly if you’re visiting a new region. This will help you make the most of your trip and should have some pointers on where the best places to park your motorhome are.

Kitchen Equipment

Your motorhome, whether you choose a Swift, Sunlight or Adria motorhome, will already be equipped with the basics for cooking and serving food if you’ve previously taken it out on the road, but it’s always worth taking stock of the inventory before a trip – knives and forks in particular have a habit of going missing!

When completing your motorhome packing, ensure you’ve got adequate pots, pans and utensils to prepare your favourite holiday dishes, and make sure you have plenty of glasses and mugs for drinks. Don’t forget the boring yet essential supplies such as washing-up liquid, dish cloths and tea towels. While these are easy to buy at any supermarket or general store, do you really want to spend your holiday shopping for such items?

If you plan to eat outdoors, don’t forget foldable chairs and tables, picnic rugs and, of course, a barbecue for al fresco cooking.

Bathroom Equipment

Again, supplies like loo rolls and soap are easy to buy, but it’s nice to get all the basics sorted out before you leave so you can spend more time enjoying your holiday. Don’t forget towels, as well as basic cleaning products to keep your motorhome’s bathroom area clean and fresh for the duration of your trip.

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