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Motorhome Magazine Launches Essential Guide For First Time Buyers

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Buying your first motorhome can be quite daunting, and carrying out some research before deciding which model to buy is very important. Motorhomes can be expensive, but they do not have to be. You could pick up an older second-hand motorhome from around £5,000, but people have also been known to spend over £1 million for a new top-of-the-range model. Fortunately, a new guide from Motorhome Magazine can help you make your decision and highlight the important aspects to consider.

How the New Guide Can Help You

There are so many things first time buyers need to consider when purchasing a motorhome. Firstly, you need to ensure that you are legally entitled to drive the model you choose. If you got your driving licence before January 1st 1997, you will be able to drive a vehicle weighing up to 7.5 tonnes. However, drivers who passed their test after this date will need to take a further test to add category C1 to their licence in order to drive a motorhome with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3.5 tonnes. Many new motorhomes come into this category, but it is something you need to be aware of.

The guide can help you by outlining the different types of motorhomes, different base vehicles and the various layouts that are available. It also includes information about the pros and cons of buying new motorhomes and used motorhomes and the different finance options on offer. There is also a buyers’ guide listing many motorhome models and a comprehensive list of motorhome dealers.

How you intend to use your motorhome and the size of your family can have a large impact on the type and layout that will suit you best. If you have younger children, for example, you may want to ensure that they can settle down to sleep and be undisturbed if the adults want to stay up later and socialise. If you are expecting to travel to the continent frequently, the length and height of the vehicle can make quite a difference to ferry fares, and you will also want to check out breakdown cover options and insurance costs.

Finding Your First Motorhome

The guide explains the advantages of buying your motorhome from a reputable dealer, whether you opt for a used motorhomes or a new one. In addition to the expert advice you receive from a company such as Viscount Motorhomes, you will benefit from an extensive warranty and various different finance packages will be available. It is always helpful to discuss your options with a professional who understands the whole process of buying a motorhome and can offer advice on any aspect that you feel unsure about.

Purchasing the right motorhome means that you will be able to enjoy trips in it for years to come, but if you make a mistake and find that the model you have bought does not fit with your lifestyle, this can be a very costly mistake.

Because the average motorhome buyer in the UK spends between £30,000 and £50,000 on their vehicle, it is essential to make the correct decision when buying your first motorhome. This new publication for 2017 will help to guide you, but remember that you can also speak to an expert at Viscount Motorhomes for in-depth advice about the process.

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