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Different Motorhome Layouts

Deciding on the layout that will suit you best is one of the first things to do when you are choosing a new motorhome. There are many different types of motorhome layouts, and the one you choose will depend on your individual circumstances.

Bunk Bed Layouts

These are always popular with children and allow them to go to bed in the rear of the van whilst you relax.

Drop-Down Bed Layouts

Some motorhome layouts have a drop-down double bed situated over the cab. These are convenient because they do not need to be made up at night, but they do have some drawbacks and headroom can be limited.

End Kitchen Layouts

End kitchen layouts are ideal for people who like a separate dedicated cooking area.

End Washroom Layouts

Although this layout may seem like a waste of space to some people, the luxury afforded by a lovely washroom with separate shower can persuade some owners to choose a model with an end washroom.

Fixed Double Bed Layouts

Having a fixed double bed is very convenient because it means there is no need to assemble the bed each night.

Fixed Single Bed Layouts

This layout also has the advantage of ready made-up beds, but in this case singles instead of a double.

French Bed Layouts

A French bed layout saves space because a corner of the bed at the foot end is cut off.

Front Lounge Layouts

In this layout, the lounge is situated immediately behind the cab with the kitchen and washroom further back.

Island Bed Layouts

This is the nearest thing you will get to your bed at home, with access from both sides.

Rear Lounge Layouts

Having the lounge situated at the rear of the motorhome often provides better views from the windows on three sides.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Double Bed Layouts

Fixed bed motorhomes are usually comfortable to sleep in and often have a large amount of storage space. You also avoid the necessity of making the bed each night, but unless you have an island bed with access on both sides, one person has to climb over the other if they want to get out at night. There is sometimes a lack of headroom with high transverse beds, and with a French bed one side is shorter than the other.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Single Bed Layouts

Like a fixed double bed, fixed singles can be kept made up and often have good storage space. They are better for people with mobility problems, as they are easier to get in and out of, but some people prefer sleeping in a double. They can be quite high and have limited headroom.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rear Lounge Motorhomes

Motorhomes with a rear lounge provide seating on three sides and panoramic views when you are parked up. The dining area is also spacious with a large table, but there are not normally rear travel seats. Storage is often limited.

There are so many different motorhome layouts that you should research pre-owned motorhomes to judge what would suit you. If you are looking for pre-owned motorhomes in Hampshire, you will find a wide range at Viscount. Remember to consider future possibilities such as an increased size of family or planned longer trips.

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