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Caravan Club Changes Name To Attract Motorhomers

The Caravan Club has been synonymous with enjoying the outdoors for one hundred and ten years and now has more than a million members. Motorhome owners have been welcome in the club for the last fifty years and account for as many as 40 per cent of its new members, and now the club has decided to change its name to reflect this.

Why the Change of Name?

In changing its name from The Caravan Club to The Caravan and Motorhome Club, the club aims to encourage even more people to get outdoors and to reflect how its membership has evolved over the years. Welcoming a more diverse membership is only part of the change the club has made this year. In addition to caravanners and motorhome owners, trailer tent owners are also welcome as part of the club.

As well as the change of name, there has been a change to a new logo which represents the established values of the club and the ongoing journey it faces over coming years. New members are expected to enjoy the freedom of engaging in their hobbies and exploring in the great outdoors.

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Changes to the Club Itself

At present, nearly ninety per cent of the club’s sites have facilities for motorhomes. These include waste disposal points and service points where the motorhome can be refilled with fresh water. The club has plans to upgrade its facilities across all the sites and to ensure that every site benefits from Wi-Fi by the end of the year.

The club also plans to develop its overseas travel options. In addition to inspecting sites abroad and providing a list of approved ones, the club also organises tours in Europe and worldwide. At present, there are more than 250 campsites approved by the club in sixteen countries in Europe.

Why Do People Choose Caravan and Motorhome Holidays?

Caravans and motorhome holidays are becoming increasingly popular, and it is expected that, by 2022, the number of caravans and motorhomes in the UK will increase from the present figure of 755,000 to approximately 800,000.

Many owners say that the freedom to do what they want is their reason for having a caravan or motorhome, and the sense of adventure that this type of holiday provides is also a major factor. Other reasons given for owning these vehicles include the flexibility to make changes to their plans and to arrange their itinerary to fit in with their timeframes. Just fewer than twenty per cent of owners said that they enjoyed the ability to stay close to their favourite places such as the mountains or the beach and to stay in a very rural location close to nature. The affordability of motorhome and caravan holidays was also cited as a factor in making the decision to buy one of these vehicles.

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