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Best Motorhome Apps

These days there are apps for almost everything, and motorhome apps are no exception. A recent poll revealed the favourite apps used by motorhome enthusiasts and caravanners to make trips away easier. The best apps according to the voters included Campsites and Caravan Parks, Tom Tom Western Europe, Tom Tom UK & Ireland, Skype and Park4Night. Other popular apps included National Trust, AA Caravan and Camping Guide, Find My Car and AA Route Planner. The Antenna Aligner app was also suggested in the “other” category by some voters.

In first place was this app polling 14% of the votes. With more than 6,700 sites included, it is useful for easily locating campsites and caravan parks both in the UK and across Europe. You can search for suitable sites either by using the GPS-enabled map or going to the A to Z list and filtering by different categories. This is useful even when there is no internet connection because the site names, postcodes, phone numbers and website addresses are all stored in the app. Other useful features include reviews, star ratings and the fact that you can launch Google Maps and similar directly from the app.

With 9% of the votes each, Tom Tom Western Europe and Tom Tom UK & Ireland were also amongst the best motorhome apps. Now available for Android as well as Apple devices, Tom Tom has been one of the most popular satellite navigation systems available for years. The ability to input full UK postcodes and the Points of Interest database are key features. Many users cite the lifetime map updates as a major reason for choosing Tom Tom.

Skype remains one of the most popular motorhome iPhone apps because it allows you to keep in touch with family and friends as you travel about. It provides free voice and video calls as well as free messaging to anyone on Skype, and you can also do group voice and video calls. Skype is now available on tablets, smartphones, Macs, PCs and some TVs.

Of the motorhome trip apps in the survey, Park4Night gained 9% of the votes, placing it joint second. The app is very straightforward and helps you find less well-known places to park overnight or simply stop for a while on your journey using your current location. It also links to Google Maps so you can plan a route.

With 6% of the vote, this app was among the top motorhome smartphone apps in the survey. It allows you to find nearby National Trust properties and locations, but if you choose not to input your location, you can also use the search function to find places and events.

Although not one of the top motorhome apps, this can be very useful for finding the best TV signal. The app locates the strongest signal available and points with a compass to indicate which way to position your aerial.

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